“Bubbling” sensation around hernia – indicative of intestine?

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      Does a gurgling around a hernia always indicate that there is intestinal involvement? Lately I’ve notices that I’ll sometimes feel such a sensation, as though there’s an air bubble right behind where the bulge (which is fat) is. Sometimes it’ll cause it to protrude more (like a balloon behind it), but if I press on it, that goes away instantly. This sensation doesn’t feel like it’s occurring within the bulge, though, and that’s stayed roughly the same size for a few years (though has gotten a bit lower).

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      William Bryant

      It’s a bit like that with mine but flatulence diminishes it.

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      The bubbling sensation is likely due to difficulty in ‘matter’ passing through the colon. It’s my opinion that this restriction is due to the internal scar tissue that develops in the area after surgery. That newly formed scar tissue constricts the intestine. It’s important to break up that tissue as it’s forming with massages after surgery. Leading an active life as soon as possible after surgery diminishes this problem from developing. I’m not a surgeon but I’ve had enough of them that I picked up on a few things.

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