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      I have an incisional hernia above umbilicus. After light exercise, which I’m told is good for a hernia, I get very fatigued, beyond the iron-deficiency feeling of a menstrual cycle. The fatigue can last for days, even after I stop exercising. I didn’t use to have this happen prior to the hernia and I used to do much more exercise.

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      Good intentions

      “Can fatigue be caused by a hernia” might be a better form for your question.

      I would add more details. Like what kind of exercise you’re doing (“light” means different things to different people), what caused the hernia, and how long you’ve had it. And how long it’s been since the initial surgery that created the incision. If you took a lot of rest after getting the hernia and are just starting exercise again, maybe you’re out of shape and it’s taking a while to get back. Not so sure also that exercise is good for a hernia. I’ve not heard that.

      Good luck. The body likes its rest after injury, so if you’ve had the initial surgery to create the incision, then a hernia afterward, you might just need more rest than normal.

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      Fatigue is generally not associated with hernias, but everyone is different.

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