Can mesh be removed from laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair?

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      Hello. Is it possible to remove inguinal mesh that was placed laparoscopic? I had the procedure done 3 years ago to keep a very small hernia from growing. I now have daily pain and soreness, it limits my exercise and activities, and I want it out. I meet with the surgeon soon, but, I am skeptical that he will be willing or able to remove the mesh. If not, are there surgeons in the Midwest that can do it? Thank you.

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      Dear Matt.
      The mesh can be removed.
      But your surgeon needs to determine the cause you pain. Is a nerve scarred to the mesh? Has the mesh shrunk? Has the mesh become a meshoma? Otherwise just removing the mesh may not solve your trouble.

      Treating Mesh Pain

      Bill Brown MD

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      Thank you for your reply. I experience constant discomfort and am most comfortable in lying or standing positions. Sitting, bending down, stairs, all cause increased discomfort. I am an active person, but heavy exercise, especially bike riding, will give me sleepless nights because the area will just ache and burn. I still bike ride with my family but have otherwise given up an activity that was precious to me. Sitting with a child on my lap, or other pressure on my abdomen, will also lead to general soreness which is quite painful. I have had these symptoms for 2 years and they are getting worse, so I finally contacted my surgeon. He has ordered ultrasound and I am scheduled for CT scan to look for a lipoma on the spermatic cord. Any feedback is much appreciated.

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      Good intentions

      Robotic surgery is growing in to the mesh removal field. It is well suited for the fine work that needs to be done to get all of the mesh out without causing damage.

      Fortunately, ironically, as surgeons look for places to use the robotic tools, both mesh implantation and mesh removal are seeing growth of the robotically assisted surgery tools. Find a surgeon who does robotic surgery and they’ll probably know how to remove the mesh. Due to the size of the piece of mesh that was probably used on you, laparoscopic removal will probably be the best removal method.

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      Matt, I am having similar symptoms—and I am 9 months out from surgery. It’s not really pain, but discomfort that come in waves, sometimes sporadically, sometimes persistent. I am considering making a follow-up with the surgeon…and definitely interested in hearing what you find.

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      Curious can mesh that was put in laproscopic be removed thru open surgery
      In reference to an inguinal hernia

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