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      I came across an interesting article in The Guardian (UK) today on collagen and remembering previous discussion on here about it, I thought this may be of interest to some of you.

      Part of the article focuses on giving injured athletes ‘…hydrolysed collagen – a form in which it is broken down into small, easy-to-process particles – before undergoing mild to moderate exercise. Some of the results were remarkable. “We were able to completely reverse this athlete who had a hole in one of their tendons,”…’

      It mentions that the physiologist behind this work has advised athletes and nutritionists across sports, including the NBA.

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      Good intentions

      No offense intended Jack2021, but the article reminds me a lot of the Omega-3 fish oil coated hernia mesh that is the subject of one or more lawsuits. Material that passes through the stomach acid and enzymes of the digestive tract is not the same when it reaches the blood stream.

      Anyway, if somebody does some trials and shows a true effect that would be interesting. But at this time, really, it’s just another supplement. The supplement market is huge and a big money maker. Like the hernia repair mesh market.

      It is interesting to compare it to the biologic “meshes” like Ovitex. Ovitex is essentially collagen in sheet form.

      Here is a link to the Guardian article. It works in UK or US I think.

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      Hydrolyzed collagen is typically the form you get in all the health/supplement stores, though there are different types and sources.

      There is a summary of some research below from someone whose work I enjoy that suggest some potential benefits. The wilder claims out there typically have very little (if any) good research to back them up…lots of anecdotal stories and hypotheticals.

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      No offence taken Good intentions and apologies that I forgot to post the link you had to search for!

      I tend to be very sceptical about supplements and there’s no replacing a healthy diet IMO.

      As you say, if trials were to evidence successful results, that would certainly be interesting.

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