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  • Comparison of hernia registries: the CORE project

    Posted by Good intentions on May 23, 2023 at 9:39 am

    Here is an article about the various registries that are out there.

    The data really only has value if the right questions are asked.

    Published: 06 January 2018
    Comparison of hernia registries: the CORE project
    I. Kyle-Leinhase, F. Köckerling, L. N. Jørgensen, A. Montgomery, J. F. Gillion, J. A. P. Rodriguez, W. Hope & F. Muysoms
    Hernia volume 22, pages561–575 (2018)

    The Danish Hernia Database is the only one to qualify as a genuine national registry where participation is compulsory for entry of all procedures by all surgeons performing a hernia operation. All other registries have to be considered as voluntary and completeness of data depends upon the participating hospitals and surgeons. Only the Danish Hernia Database and the Swedish Hernia Registry are publicly funded. All other registries are reliant on financial support from the medical technology industry. …”

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  • Good intentions

    May 23, 2023 at 9:52 am

    There seems to be a discrepancy between the information the authors think is collected and what they show. Identifying a bad product, one to avoid, will be impossible if the brand and trade name of the product are not collected with the rest of the operational details. It seems reasonable to assume that the industry funded registries would not collect that information.

    “Operative data
    Most registries record details of the operation such as urgency of the operation, hernia classification, hernia localization, operating time, operative technique, anesthesia type, mesh type, fixation technique, defect closure, drain utilization and antibiotic prophylaxis (Table 5).”

    There is no mesh type category shown in the table. Beside that, how detailed would “mesh type” be? Bard 3D Max? Anatomically shaped mesh? Or just polypropylene? It would be interesting to get in to one of these registries and see the actual information that is collected.

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