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      William Bryant

      Desarda – cuts into healthy tissue. Does it regenerate? Does it or can it cause long term pain? Ask far as I understand it, it needs to in order to create a sort of human patch to repair hernia. But does it or can it destroy wherever or whatever it cuts into?

      Shouldice – does it always involve cutting cremaster and other nerves. Most surgeons/sites are a bit ambiguous on that point.

      About a month on and I’m still no clearer about which way to turn. Any help would, again, be greatly appreciated.

      I go from Kang, to Desarda, to Shouldice and then back again.

      From reading older posts it seems as though many posters were speaking of having Desarda as first choice years ago, and now more recently most seem to favour Shouldice. Any reasons why?

      Apologies if I’m going round in circles it’s probably because I am.

      It’s very bewildering.

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      Hello,my name is Brian and i am an American living in the uk.I was diagnosed with a right inguinal hernia in nov 2020,after reading about Mesh and talking to several people about the problems they had with their experiences with this procedure i decided this was not for me.What with the lockdown and operations cancelled here i did not get my Hernia fixed until 10 months later. After much resherch i went to Cottbus in Germany and had a Shouldice repair performed by Dr Andreas Koch using 4 layers of permanent sutures due to my age 64, no pain at all now. If you live in the US, there is a surgeon in Sarasota, Florida, Dr Jonathan Yunis who is very experienced as well.

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      William Bryant

      Thanks Brian. We’re any nerves cut do you know? How long did you stay in Germany?

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