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      Hi all… Looking for some advice. I have what I think is an occult indirect inguinal hernia that is not showing on a ct with contrast. Ct showed distended bladder, UTI has been ruled out and only other finding on ct was an enlarged prostate – which doesn’t seem to be a concern for the doctors. Tried advocating for additional imaging but Kaiser wants me to wait. The issues creates a very uncomfortable feeling that impacts my ability to exercise fully. I’m not writhing in pain but I am sure I am compensating in some way to avoid discomfort.

      Symptoms have been persistent for over one month – dull pubic bone area pain (mostly right side and base of genitalia) that radiates and occasionally shooting pains. It feels like nerve pain and while there is no obvious lump, one side appear to have a very very very slightly larger appearance than the other. This could have always been the case but I never noticed.

      Anyone able to advocate successfully in the Kaiser system for additional imaging or do I just need to wait until this turns into something bigger to get noticed?

      Any Kaiser CA docs on here?

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      Swayze….please please please do NOT rely on Kaiser idiots to try to diagnose and fix this difficult issue…trust me on this you need the best in the world when it comes to hernias. Trying to save a few bucks may end your useful life. I know it sounds crazy but if I were you i would fly to Germany to see Dr Conze…he is well known to be able to diagnose issues and fix them correctly if its needed. Get a home equity load if needed…do not let kaiser morons work on you….

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      Thanks for the input Chuck. I went down the YouTube rabbit hole last night and found a diagnostic that helped me find my hernia. Laying flat on my back with my leg up and coughing revealed the smallish hernia. I guess that makes it an indirect incomplete or bubonocele.

      I agree with Kaiser not really caring much about a proper diagnosis. I think I reduced it and since it didn’t get past the superficial ring they would probably just suggest a wait and see.

      That said I will probably switch my insurance to a better provider this fall. Who should I seek out in CA for this type of repair so I can select the appropriate insurance to switch to. Germany and Korea aren’t real possibilities for me.


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      William Bryant

      Hello Swayze, would you mind linking to the self test please? I’ve had ultrasound NHS – told direct.

      But three consultants, by touch and cough, have said indirect. So I’d be interested in seeing if I can tell.

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      This is the video that shows a few techniques. Cant vouch for them but it did help me find it and add to that not a single doctor tried any of this prior aside from laying flat abdomen palpating.

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      @Swayze, please confirm: your doctor exams solely used “laying flat abdomen palpating.” My understanding is that standard testing is done with the patient standing. I would like to have my understanding confirmed or disconfirmed about standing being standard. Anyone?

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      Only test done standing up was scrotum exam. Everything else was laying down. Not sure if that’s right as my doctors seem kind of disinterested but it may be standard. Again this is not medical advice and I am just a regular dude trying to get right.

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