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      This forum is an asset that helped answer questions I had previously, however I was hoping I wouldn’t have to come back:). I’ve had two small inguinal hernia repairs, left side in 2017 fixed with lapro and right side fixed with open mesh repair in 2019. I’m an active cyclist and workout in the gym.

      Both repairs have provided mostly pain free experience. Occasionally, I will get a couple days here and there where one side or the other has what I would call a flair then goes away. Last weekend I was using my chainsaw cutting down some trees. I cut some of the trees up into smaller 4ft sections and carried them a short distance from the woods to driveway. These pieces probably weighed ~50-60lbs, not that heavy for me. I try and make sure I don’t lift stupid heavy things anymore or create massive straining, however while I was carrying the wood pieces out I started feeling some pain on last year’s repair. I finished what I was doing, but for the last several days, I’ve had that pre-surgery repair feeling of dull off and on pain with some dragging. Even the left side that was fixed three years ago has been a bit sore. I find it hard to imagine that I caused a recurrent hernia in both repairs, but anything is possible. Walking up last several mornings has been fine, but as soon as I’m up and about walking around the pain starts. It’s not sharp pain, but that nagging dull to colicky type ache.
      I see no visible bulging on either side, but am a bit worried I may have injured myself. Could this just be scar tissue that has stretched? I can’t fathom having to have more hernias and surgeries. Two was enough for me. Thanks.

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      Dr. Reinhorn who conducted surgery said to give it another week then do an in-person assessment. He thinks it’s likely a core muscle injury.

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      Good intentions

      Tissue remodeling after the initial surgery and implantation can go on for years. On top of that is the persistent foreign body reaction that the mesh causes. Ideally some sort of comfortable middle ground is found between the two, with the individual mesh fibers being encapsulated in a way that allows your body to function properly

      Your first thought seems most likely. You stretched the tissue in and/or around the mesh. The mesh and the tissue that has filled in its pores is not as flexible or elastic as the tissue around it.

      Search “wound healing”, “tissue healing” and/or “tissue remodeling” on the internet and you’ll find a bunch about what’s happening in there. Probably best to let the tissues heal and/or rebond to the mesh if some has been pulled free. Since the mesh is placed on the muscles of your core, “core muscle injury” would be technically correct.

      Good luck.

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      GI, thanks for your reply.

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      The ultimate mesh if it will ever exist will be the one that minimises scar tissue growth in my opinion; this is a major downside of the implants….I am wondering what kind of PT athletes do after the surgery to minimise the formation/impact of the scar tissue, although the process I guess cannot be stopped?

      I find it really outrageous that many surgeons still claim that the mesh is “inert” and does not cause any reaction (some told me this to my face during consultation!)

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