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      How does the procedure differ btwn a direct vs indirect ingunal defect

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      Good intentions

      It depends on the procedure used. Mesh is popular for covering all potential hernia areas, even if the focus is on one small one, when used in laparoscopy. Find images of mesh placement for a laparoscopic repair and you’ll see that they cover lots of extra area.

      Dr. Kang has written quite a bit about the difference between a suture, or pure tissue, repair of the two types. You might look for his posts.

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      Dr. William Brown’s website also has some good basic descriptions of different pure tissue repairs, and the types of hernias they are best suited for.

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      Indirect: Concentrates on tear in Internal Ring?
      Direct: Concentrates on the rupture in theHesselbach’s Triangle on the Abdominal Wall?

      Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, and forgot or did not read clearly about it.

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