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      Has anyone ever heard of or used a Dr.Dupree out of Red Bank, NJ for hernia repair or mesh removal. I am looking for a mesh removal Dr in NJ.

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      Good intentions

      Here is information from the internet. Looks like he is an expert in robotic surgery.




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      I visited him for mesh removal and unfortunately had a very negative experience. He didn’t look at any imaging I had, and was dismissive with the idea of removing the mesh. He said he’s only removed mesh ‘maybe half a dozen’ times, yet claimed to be one of the only people to do the procedure. When discussing the procedure he was very blunt in describing the possible loss of a testicle, among other complications. He was very quick to advise cutting nerves, without much of a plan regarding removing the mesh itself. To me it seemed the procedure was foreign ground for him, so he shed a very negative light on it. Although removal is without it’s risks there are surgeons much more experienced than he is. I was very disappointed with my consultation and can’t in good faith recommend him if mesh removal is your main goal. There are many other surgeons out there that have removed mesh more than six times. Do not stop searching, you will resolve this.

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