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      I’m looking for a surgeon in the Kansas City Missouri / Kansas area. I have several mid-line hernias and thinning below the naval. Two previous mid-line colon surgeries that had some infection in the incision post op. What I know so far is that I need component separation and mesh. I met with a Dr. yesterday, for the first time, that said he could do the procedure robotically and had a cancellation and could schedule in 1 week, his next opening is in 2 months. So I am in hurry up panic mode to vet the Dr. He is a AHS Dr. But that’s all I know. They need a decision today to book the surgery.

      Even Ideas how to vet would help.

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      Good intentions

      Hello Frogdog. I don’t know anything about mid-line hernias or thinning or component separation but I do know a little about how people use the internet. Most people just browse the titles and only click on the interesting things.

      If you want urgent information you need to put that in the title. Even better, pack as much detail as you can in to the title. Something like “Need surgeon recommendation by XX time today for component separation, within XX miles of KC, MO”. Maybe details about which state also, since KC is on the border. You might actually have insurance in Kansas.

      Good luck. I can almost guarantee that the doctors or other forum members who might see your current title will think that they have a few days to think about it.

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      Thanks Good, I did cover the bulk of that in my post but didn’t consider using it in the title. It may be a mute point though as I took the the surgery slot for next Tuesday. I’m still trying to vet the Dr. but have very little to go on.

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