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      Feedback or surgery experience with Dr Samer Syabi from new york city? He worked at shouldice hospital for just over a year for only 700 shouldice repairs. I’m shocked as I can’t seem to find many opinions, reviews, experience with him at all. You’d think everyone wanting a true shouldice repair and unable to go to Canada would be going to Syabi but that don’t seem to be the case.

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      Hi Luke – any further info on Dr. Sbayi? I’m also curious to hear about him. I had a Shouldice repair on my left inguinal hernia at Shouldice Hospital in 2017. I now need my right side repaired, and of course with the current pandemic, am not able to travel to Canada from the U.S.

      I was excited to learn about Dr. Sbayi, but apart from the few reviews posted on his page on Stony Brook Medicine’s website, have not been able to find much else. I did find this recommendation from the late Dr. Bendavid of Shouldice fame, in which he states that Dr. Sbayi “did train with us and can be recommended.”

      Dr. Bendavid Answers Hernia Questions

      I have a TeleHealth Visit with Dr. Sbayi and his staff scheduled for later this month.

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      William Bryant

      I’ve been looking for this too. Can only access 1 review from uk

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      Dr. Sbayi was a guest of mine on HerniaTalk LIVE Q&A. Search this forum for his name and you can watch the session with him on Youtube.

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