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  • Dr Shirin Towfigh BOTCHED my surgery!!!!!

    Posted by Bel Air on April 26, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    Shirin Towfigh Botched my simple hernia surgery. I went in for a left hernia repair and woke up with a right side mesh removal of a totally good hernia repair and a left side hernia repair 5-6 hr surgery. I felt no pain on the right side before this surgery and had no pain! So I asked why did you do surgery on the Rt side and remove mesh and put in more mesh etc and come to find out this so called specialist took down the wrong notes Shirin Towfigh took down the wrong notes the day of my initial appt and now I deal with constant pain everyday every minute of my life!!!!Maybe if she put down the bag of chips at our appt she would have got it right. She did not go over once what she was doing and I thought I could trust this lady, I was wrong. I am in constant pain from her 5-6 hr surgery that should have taken 1 hr. Not one time did she go over any of the surgery risks or what she was doing to me I thought it was a simple left hernia repair if I knew what she had planned I would have ran far, far away and never came back ever. To be honest I wish she was never born! So now I have a left testicle that was cut loose hangs down 4 inches from where it used to be and I’m in constant pain all the time. It’s been 20 months and I’ve waited long enough for the pain to go away and it never does only has gotten worse. Either way she doesn’t care….. I went to her and she blamed the whole thing on my first surgery which lasted 5 yrs until she got her nasty hands on me. This dr can only do hernia surgeries what happens at her surgery center if something goes wrong you have to be rushed to the hospital, if you make it in time. Her attitude towards me after her mistake was rude and disgusting. This Dr took my quality of life….I have went to other specialist since and they can only apologize for the pain I’m in and nothing can be done after what she did to me. I did not even have any pain before I went to this Dr I had a ultra sound of a left hernia that’s it with no pain I felt my left testicle twice so I decided to get a specialist opinion. FU Shirin Towfigh and just a reminder put down the bag of chips when you are with patients maybe you’ll get it right, it’s so disgusting when I think back!

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