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      I keep going down dead end roads. In 2015 I started experiencing testicle pain along with pain up my spermatic cord to the area of my inguinal ring. When the pain started I was sitting in a chair and it never completely goes away. If I run or have any sort of sexual activity it will start hurting me an hour or so later and last for several days. My testicle and spermatic cord will become very tender to touch. A tight belt or tight pants will aggravate it as well. I have been to probably 15-25 doctors and can’t find an answer. I have been physically examined for hernias but none have been found. I have had MRIs, CT scans, X-rays, and ultrasounds which have failed to produce an answer. I am hoping DR. Towfigh will see this is and possibly provide some insight. Please can someone help

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      Good intentions

      You can call her office directly. @drtowfigh

      Dr. Shirin Towfigh

      Not near? No problem.

      I offer “Online Consultation” to those who cannot physically see me for surgical consultation. I’ll review your history, images, & help w/ a diagnosis & plan.

      Contact my office (310-358-5020) or email ([email protected])

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      Happy to help. Sometimes an inguinal hernia can cause these symptoms. And it would show on imaging. Just because the report doesn’t say it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

      I’d need more information. But inguinal hernia is certainly in the differential.

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