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      Good intentions

      I just came across this interesting “interview” article, linked below, on the Columbia University Department of Surgery web site. The article has no author so it’s not clear that there is an actual person asking the questions or if it was just written to have that appearance.

      The doctors cover a wide range of topics in the field of hernia repair. They seem to ask all of the right questions and seem to be heading the right way with their efforts. There are some interesting comments about supposedly improved repair materials (porcine “meshes”) that they “realized” were not as good as they had been promoted to be, after they analyzed “trial” data. It makes you wonder how the materials got to market if they were unproven. That issue is not addressed. Also makes a person wonder how different sheep tissue is from pig tissue, after it’s processed for use in the human body. Tela Bio.

      It’s worth reading but there are some things that are unclear, like the statement that they use open methods for mesh removal, which I think is probably not correct. The main point of the article seems to be for promoting robotic surgery methods. But, overall, at least, it’s good to see that they acknowledge that there are major problems with how hernia repair is done today.


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      Good intentions

      I see that it might just be a recycled article from 2021. The url says 2021, the title says 2022. Oh well.

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      Also, it looks like they use robotic for “complex” inguinals (maybe these are recurrences with prior lap mesh?), but for primary inguinals, what some surgeons call “bread and butter”, they use straight sticks lapp techniques.

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