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      I am just wondering, how long does the inflammation process caused by the mesh implant last? months? years? for ever?

      I am not talking about chronic pain (although the two are probably correlated), but the body reaction to it, whether one has symptoms or not…

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      I think another way to phrase your question would be: at what point does your body stop “fighting” the foreign body that has been placed inside of it and just “accept” it? My guess is the answer is: never. If your body recognizes something as foreign when it is first placed inside of you, what physiological change would, at some point, convince your body to accept it?

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      Good intentions

      Forever seems to be the answer. The research in to the absorbable/resorbable biologic materials is done in the hope that the FBR will destroy/replace the foreign biologic material and replace it with human tissue that is strong enough to function properly.


      Mesh biocompatibility is basically determined by the foreign body reaction (FBR). In contrast to physiological wound healing and scar formation, the FBR at the host-tissue/biomaterial interface is present for the lifetime of the medical device. The cellular interactions at the mesh/tissue interface proceed over time ending up in a chronic inflammatory process. ”

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