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  • Exercise considerations during and once healed from robotic mesh inguinal hernia(s)

    Posted by JHue on August 22, 2018 at 9:08 am

    Several days ago, I had robotic mesh repair of a right side inguinal hernia and preventive mesh on the left side that was described as weakened by diagnosing internal medicine doctor–not fully informed by surgeon on what he found, until follow up–I appreciated the attention/treatment given to that concern, however. (Walk about 3/4 mile on 3rd day, about half of normal routine.) Due to C-spine disc disease, I had been doing light resistive exercises and regular walking, now that I am in my mid 50’s. (I think the hernia may have been the result of the worst case of constipation I believe to have occurred in human history, which I do not realize–until reading on hernias–might cause the hernia and other side weakened.) In any case, once physician gives the “O.K.” to resume activities, would it be reasonable to expect that my 10 lb. over presses and same weight single arms rows, combined with a lot of 2 lb. movements. Of question, I was thinking of putting together my old SoloFlex,. Would exercises, even at light weigh, like leg extensions or light incline presses or lat pull downs be risky to the repaired area? Also, I have an exercise bike, the type that is I believe referred to as a recumbent, with the seat and pedals at the same height, likely to put too much stress on the repaired area? I would also like to return to non-weighted squats at high reps. I also did knee lifts and sit ups, which I am unsure of restarting at a later juncture. Would it be a wise idea to simply use 2 lb weights for over the fall and winter, with the bike indoors here in Ohio, in order to give my body enough time to fully develop tissue over the mesh. Then, come early spring, I can begin increasing to the 10 lb weight levels and put together my SoloFlex (with light bands)? I power lifted into my 30’s, but a broken vertebrae from my youth caused major C-spine deterioration that limits activity or rather, that is to say, necessitated modifying, so I can do so in new adjustment with the repaired hernia(s). I am not so sure about stretching, maybe keeping it simple, avoiding anything too much on the abdominal area. Your thoughts conveyed are appreciated–JHue.

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