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      David M

      This popped up on my youtube. It probably is an infomercial of sorts, but it was worth the 10 minutes I spent on it. If you don’t have that time, then skip to the 3:32 mark and take a look at the pictures. This looks just like all of the cobwebby stuff that one sees in a laparoscopic hernia surgery, which was something that I have wondered about. She states in this clip that fascia has 6 to 10 times the nerves of muscle. That’s a little ambiguous, not knowing whether she’s making that judgment by weight or a different unit, but interesting nevertheless, if true.

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      It is indeed interesting. Groin fascia is obviously injured in open surgery for groin hernia. The body really didn’t evolve to be friendly to surgery.

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      She uses the terms fascia and connective tissue. That is not anatomically correct. The webs she shows are connective tissue but not fascia.

      From a hernia standpoint, we rely a lot on one’s fascia. It so often the strength layer of the muscle repair. Also, you can have fascia tears distinct from hernias. These are most commonly sports related.

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