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      Quick update: I have had 7 hernia surgeries, mesh removal and abdominal wall reconstruction. I have 3 new hernias as well as some detachment of my abdominal muscles again. Currently waiting for my surgery withDr Martindale in June 25th.

      So this is new… I have had a pain off and on in my way lower back, right side. Comes and goes but this week came and stayed. I was worried it was an inflamed kidney or something but seems too low. I reviewed my my CT scan from March and my notes from talking with Martindale and he mentions that I have torn the muscles near my illiac crest (top of hip bone) on the right side and that the mesh while still in place is pulling on that same area (my repair is HUGE PIG biomesh!! In looking online I have found that with trauma you CAN have a hernia affect the back and push through that area. Have you ever heard of such a thing a hernia on my back? There is a hernia like lump right on my lower back where the hip bone is and that is right where the pain is. And just like a hernia it hurts when pushed on it. Countdown to surgery in 26 days…. and hopefully this will ease up a bit because right now I can barely move! My pain is at a constant 7 and more when I get up. I just LOVE being medically interesting!

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      Good intentions

      Glad to hear that you’re finally getting in, the pandemic has really made a mess of things.

      I still have a lump on my side/flank lower back from when I pulled a muscle in the gym lifting a heavy weight. I felt it tear and it was painful for a few days. I think that the muscle fibers ball up at the point where they tear, creating the lump. In my case the lump has never gone away, but it’s not painful anymore. It might be that the lump you feel is torn muscle fiber. I assume that that would show on imaging, with the density of muscle fiber.

      Good luck with Dr. Martindale. Hopefully he’s been studying hard while his case load has been down and he will have some new ideas.

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