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      A few months ago, I started have a feeling of fluid leaking into my right testicle. An ultrasound indicated “free fluid” in the right lower quadrant of my abdomen as well as a “trace hydrocele with debris.” A CT scan last week indicated the same thing.

      I previously had a hernia repaired with mesh on the right side and subsequently had the mesh removed. So, I imagine the free fluid and hydrocele are “collateral damage” from the mesh removal (though, oddly, I didn’t have the fluid feeling until a few months ago, and the mesh was removed about 9 months ago).

      Anyway, I am wondering what the solution is to this issue. I have a urologist who says he can remove the hydrocele (hydrocelectomy). But, if the hydrocele is communicating with the fluid in my abdomen, I’m not sure this would solve the problem. I also have a hernia surgeon who says that he can strengthen the area where the mesh was removed and take care of the hydrocele at the same time. It isn’t clear to me if this would address the fluid collection in my abdomen. But, it does seems like, if the fluid in my abdomen is the cause of the hydrocele, then going in through the abdomen may be more effective than just going in through my scrotum.

      Any thoughts/advice people have would be welcome.

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      Dear James.
      A small amount of free fluid in the pelvis is normal. If there is a large amount of fluid then that should be investigated.
      If the hydrocele is tiny and not causing any trouble, it does not have to be treated.
      Bill Brown MD

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      Just read somewhere that a hydrocele can go away on its own in about 6 months. in your case, give its likely ‘unnatural’ cause, that may not be the case. but would be interesting to see if watching and waiting might see some resolution of the problem, which of course would be preferable to any additional surgery. is it uncomfortable or painful?

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