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      I had a MRI done this past week and the radiologist’s report said this —

      “small focus of fluid in right lower quadrant at anterior to the common femoral vessels at the prior hernia repair, indeterminate. could represent post surgical seroma, muscle strain, or nonspecific peritoneal fluid in the right inguinal canal/region”

      has anyone had this appear on MRI before and knows what it could mean?

      [USER=”935″]drtowfigh[/USER] do you have any insights on this please?

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      Does the region of the fluid collection coincide with the region of your symptoms? Perhaps you could sit with the radiologist or a surgeon and have them point out exactly where on your body the fluid collection is, and see if that aligns with where you have pain or discomfort? Just a thought.

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      [USER=”1916″]Chaunce1234[/USER] Well it says the fluid is by my prior hernia repair, which is where I’m having my symptoms so idk!

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      Good intentions

      Any tissue damage will cause some “free” fluid. Bleeding or just the body’s response to damage, I think. I have watched free fluid from large bruises travel down my leg. “Peritoneal fluid” seems like an odd term to use. It implies another hernia or a breach of the peritoneum. I’m not a doctor.

      It looks like they’re just saying that they saw some fluid that shouldn’t be there but it’s not clear where it came from.

      “anterior to the common femoral vessels at the prior hernia repair” means the fluid was in front of the femoral vessels. The mesh is placed behind the femoral vessels, so that means the fluid was between the mesh and the abdominal wall. Which implies that the mesh might have torn free from the abdominal wall and there is a damaged spot. Again, I’m not a doctor of medicine, but in view of how the mesh is supposed to work, the simple fix would be to get it to reattach itself. But, in the big picture, if that is the case, the question is “why did it break free?”

      Anyway, it’s good to collect lots of information before making a decision. Good luck.

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      [USER=”935″]drtowfigh[/USER] is what good intentions posted a good idea of what might be causing the fluid? I’d really like to know your opinion!
      [USER=”2029″]Good intentions[/USER] thank you.. I’m gonna ask Dr Towfigh!

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