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  • Frustrated possible hernia pain

    Posted by selphie on August 7, 2015 at 7:13 am

    Dr. Towfigh,

    I have been experiencing lower left abdominal pain since January. Since then I have had a CT scan which revealed a small umbilical hernia, an MRI of the lower left quadrant which showed a possible left torn hamstring and an MRI of the left hip which showed a partial torn hamstring and a labrum separation. I have been seen by two general surgeons who clinically diagnosed me with an umbilical hernia and an inguinal hernia. Both surgeons stated that my hernias are small and should not be causing the pain I am experiencing. They also do not believe that the area of where my main complaint of pain is has do do with my hernias,

    The first surgeon believed I had a groin strain and approximately three months later, he clinically diagnosed me me with an inguinal hernia and he only felt that he should repair the inguinal hernia using an open repair procedure. The second surgeon also clinically diagnosed me with an inguinal hernia and felt that the pain I was having was probably muscle related, possibly the rectus muscle since upon examination he felt the main area of my pain was towards the bottom of the abdominal rectus muscle. He recommended an MRI of the lower left quadrant which I mentioned above. After both MRI ‘s were done, the second surgeon saw me again. He agreed to repair my hernias laparoscopically but wanted me to have an orthopedic surgeon examine me first to make sure the pain was not related to the MRI findings. He still does not necessarily believe the hernia surgery will relieve my pain but will perform the surgery if I request it for the sake of the hernias not getting bigger. When I asked him if he would check the abdominal wall for possible other hernias he said there was nothing there based on the MRI findings.

    My main complain of pain is in the lower left abdominal area. I also have some groin pain and at times feel a pulling / pinching sensation. I have noticeable swelling on the left side near the bikini line. I also get sharp pain at times which seems to shoot to the left side of the abdomen closer to the belly button area. I saw the orthopedic surgeon last week. His report is pending however he advised he does not believe my pain is related to the hip or hamstring issue they found. I am very concerned that the surgeon will not check the abdominal wall and will miss something. Maybe a Spigelian hernia? I felt so validated after I read the New York Times article from 2011 on a patient you helped which led me to you. I am hoping the insurance company will allow me to see you. I would be very grateful for any help or information you can provide.

    Thank you,

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