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      when nerve blocks and things of that nature are used for chronic pain, is the idea that somehow, eventually, they will actually cure the pain? or is the idea that if they work, you will use them for life to keep the pain under control? if the former, how does it cure pain?

      thinking of someone with nerve pain from maybe a cut nerve that isn’t going to grow back. was reading a paper about a man who had nerve pain in the groin and the nerve blocks worked. but i couldn’t tell if it was expected he would have to get them for life or not.


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      I am no doctor but I seem to remember someone saying that nerves can also be educated and silenced. Perhaps the nerve blocks albeit temporary do stop the flow enough for the brain to rewire and slump down the importance of the signal….or the nerve block itself reduces inflammation which on turn reduces the nerve flaring…

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      Thanks! Yes, that’s precisely what I was curious about and maybe suspected. I suppose it could both be curative and in some cases something that needs to be done very long-term. Length of treatment though is so rarely mentioned.

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