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      Good intentions

      I posted a published comment from a doctor about the Guidelines in another Topic and remembered that there was a remark in it about genetics as a possible indicator of the possibility of chronic pain from hernia repair. Apparently it was proposed for the Guidelines but was not included. It seemed interesting.

      “Comments on the new groin hernia guidelines: What has changed? What has remained unanswered?”

      Excerpt –

      “Today, chronic pain following inguinal hernia repairs is as important an issue as recurrence. The International Guidelines evaluated this problem in detail. For the first time, a guideline addressed the genetic disposition with typing; DQB1*03:02 HLA haplotype is mentioned in a table on risk factors for chronic post-herniorrhaphy inguinal pain. Nevertheless, this information did not exist in the text, and the working party did not cite the related reference in the list. In fact, the evidence is obtained from the genetic typing study conducted by Dominguez et al. (31), which was published in 2013, and it was revealed that the DQB1 *03:02 HLA haplotype is associated with increased risk of chronic pain following inguinal hernia surgery.”

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      Good intentions

      Here is a link to the paper. It’s been cited by 53 people according to Google Scholar. It was published in 2013.*03%3A02+HLA+haplotype+&btnG=

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