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      Would a MRN of the pelvis provide any helpful information in diagnosing groin and leg pain after inguinal hernia surgery. I had open inguinal hernia surgery in 2016. 2017 started getting groin and leg pain. Went 4 years seeing Dr.’s, had physical therapy, epidurals in the back, nerve blocks. nothing helped. Walking and carrying objects like a backpack magnifies the pain for a few days. Before I plan on having the mesh removed and a neurectomy the Dr is recommending a MRN. Has anyone had success diagnosing pain with a MRN? Would be interested to hear any thoughts, comments especially from Dr. Towfigh.

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      Good intentions

      Do you know the details of the repair? The type of mesh, and the surgery notes? There are many different types of mesh implanted via open surgery. And many surgeons do more than just implant mess, like performing neurectomy (cutting nerves to avoid future pain). The details might offer some clues about your best path forward.

      Also, the imt elapsed before pain started would help. 12/16 to 1/17 is different than 1/16 to 12/17.

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