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  • groin discomfort after 3 months laparoscopy

    Posted by Alemazz94 on December 31, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    hi everyone, I write from Italy. 3 months ago I underwent a right inguinal hernia in laparoscopy. the post-operative was really very difficult. the first week severe pain from lying in bed, then slowly the pain is gone. now after 3 months I still have a nuisance focused on the upper part of the groin let’s say near the hip to understand each other. even at rest, or lying down. some days more others less, sometimes it seems to me to be fine then all of a sudden again annoyances. they are not incapacitating, also because I played five-a-side football and went back to the gym with very light weights and I had no sharp pains or pains. just an almost constant feeling of annoyance. I often wake up in the morning with this annoyance, as if there is something pulling. something that is skewered inside the groin. do I have to worry? do I have to spend more time? should I do an ultrasound? sorry for the thousand questions but this thing does not make me sleep. Thanks to those who will help me.

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