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      Jordan Fitz

      Hey all,

      It’s been 24 hours since I had my (open) plug + patch mesh removal by Dr. Krpata at Cleveland Clinic.

      I’m laying down icing and watching a movie. I’ve been walking around pretty good but obviously still in a lot of pain.

      Here’s what went down and where I’m at so far:


      – Had Bard Perfix (medium) Plug + Patch installed 10 years ago (when I was 20). I’m now 30.
      – First year had lots of issues with the initial surgery, then had a good 9 years before having constant issues with the plug + patch (inflammation, auto immune stuff, nerve issues, hip flexor mobility limited, core anatomy started to get thrown off, etc.)
      – A little over a year ago I noticed nerve sensations down my thigh, and started poking around where the plug was, it was painful and felt like a mound had formed / the mesh “moved.”
      – Pain would get so intense I went to the ER 10ish times, had multiple CT scans, MRIs, etc. Of course, all doctors said I was fine and the repair was stable.
      – Flew around the states seeing many doctors and putting in hundreds of hours of research.
      – Led me to Dr. Krpata in Cleveland, Ohio and decided to pull the trigger on removal since the pain was only getting worse, I figured something had to be done


      – Went under around 7:30am, was finished by 9am
      – Triple neurectomy was planned, but ended up only talking Illig. nerve
      – Blood supply / testicle was saved
      – Vas Deferans was entagled in mesh so it was taken (I shouldn’t experience hormonal changes as unused sperm is absorbed back into the body)
      – Mesh was completely removed
      – 6in. scar
      – Told doctor if he thought he could get a good tissue repair, go for it, if not, stick another lightweight mesh in. He landed on Bassini repair (not sure if it’s modified or not – will need to confirm with him later)… I’m guessing I’ll probably have a recurrence, but hopefully I can get 10 or so years out of the repair.

      I’m happy the mesh is out of me, I can feel a massive difference already with all that mesh mass out of me. I’m definitely in a bunch of pain and pretty constipated (I’ve stopped the OXY as it blocks you up)

      Fingers crossed no long term damage and I the trade off was worth it!

      Happy to answer any questions and fingers crossed my recovery goes smoothly!

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      William Bryant

      Fingers crossed for you… Thanks for update. Very useful to those considering mesh removal.

      Hopefully will help Chuck as well as others.

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      Thanks Wiliiam and thanks Jordan for posting…can we chat offline at some point..i am thinking of Krpata…but i dont want any nerves cut…does mesh always wrap the spermatic chord and the vas…it seems like this crap never stays free of body parts….I want my double inguinal lap installed mesh out pronto….before it wraps everything inside me

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