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      I’m so grateful to everyone for helping keep HerniaTalk.com the best platform online for sharing Hernia related discussions for all to learn from.

      We will return with our HerniaTalk LIVE Q&A in the new year, January 3rd. Subscribe to YouTube.com/@herniadoc to keep abreast of all the episodes.

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      William Bryant

      Thanks for the forum Dr Towfigh and happy new year to you and yours. I think everyone is happy to have such a forum and it’s invaluable to those that find it. Very grateful to you for providing it.

      For the new year I was just wide if it would be possible for Dr Kang to be featured a little more as many, it seems, are considering Dr Kang surgery, myself included, and the more people know the better I’d think especially as it’s a huge decision and, for those self funding without insurance, not an inexpensive one.

      Anyway, hope you have had some time off and an enjoyable time over festive season.. it looks a bit cold in USA !

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