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      Does anyone know if Dr. Lucian Panait or Dr. Michael Koeplin are good hernia surgeons to see in Minnesota? I am struggling to find anyone who really specializes in hernias here. I prefer to fly out and see Dr. Towfigh but I have no idea where I’d stay in California for recovery or how long that I’d need to be there.

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      Good intentions

      It depends on what you mean by “good”. They both do laparoscopic procedures so their hernia repair method is very likely based on the use of mesh. Dr. Panait seems to be very active in research so is probably very aware of the latest issues in the field, but he is also very active in new technology like robotic-assisted surgery.

      His web page has a lot and he has a Youtube channel. He holds positions in the Americas Hernia Society. Dr. Towfigh probably knows him. If you see him you will almost certainly get a synthetic mesh repair. He also does mesh removal (of course).

      One of his videos shows robotics removal of a mesh plug followed by immediate placement of a large piece of flat mesh. It was a recurrence.

      Lucian Panait, MD, FACS

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      Good intentions

      Dr. Koeplin’s page is a very standard “minimally invasive” hernia repair page. Boilerplate text about strangulated hernias and death and types of hernias. The page does not mention mesh but laparoscopic procedures today all use mesh. So you will almost certainly get run-of-the-mill placement of a large piece of mesh, and most likely a piece on the other side also. There’s always something on the other side.

      Good luck. They both look like “state-of-the-art” hernia repair surgeons. ~15% chance of chronic pain.

      Hernia Surgery

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