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      William Bryant

      Hernias definitely affect it, I pretty much think about hernias all day. Worry about what I can’t do. That I use to. Worry about operation. About the cost. About after effects.

      It is actually a living nightmare!

      There’s so little respite.

      Then with a messed up head, you try to make one of the biggest decisions of your life!

      God knows how others cope.

      My doctor actually once said “nothing serious”!

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      How bad are your symptoms? Is your hernia reducible when you lie down? If your condition isn’t too bad, there is the option of waiting. The risk of strangulation exists, but it is quite small.

      Many choose to live with it for a long time rather than do surgery. You could potentially just do your research, and once you’re done with that, wait, and pull the trigger on the surgery only if and when you can’t live with the symptoms. This would reduce the pressure on your mind.

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      Bryant…be glad you are not me…you can still do it right..i am likely screwed for life…I did a ton or research but got confused by towfighs constant criticzisn of tissue repair as outdated…difficult and prone to complications…just go to kang and get it done…he has had 3 cases of chronic pain out of thousands

Viewing 2 reply threads
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