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  • Good intentions

    August 27, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    Hello katie. I don’t think that the “top” removal surgeons have been defined. There really aren’t that many who you could say specialize in it. And they all seem to do it differently. Some use an open technique. Some use TAPP laparoscopy. Some are using robotics. Some do a triple neurectomoy as a matter of course. And the methods used depend on the individual patient’s situation, I believe, for some surgeons. Others do it one way every time, like Dr. Petersen in Las Vegas.

    I think that Chaunce1234 has put a list together in past posts. And several of us have made individual recommendations. I think that you’ll find them if you search the forum posts.

    I am about nine months out from mine and still feeling the effects of the mesh and the removal. The mesh really made a mess of my abdomen while it was in there and it’s still adjusting. I can’t tell where it’s going to end up.

    Good luck. Ask lots of questions.

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