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    Posted by SBNSK on July 26, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    Hi – I have a concern about a my hernia plug bump. I had surgery for hydrocelectomy and inguinal hernia repair in 2010. I still have no pain or symptoms other than i can push the plug in and feels like a bump below the plug can also be easily pushed in. Since the surgery i had the firm plug bump therealways and i knew it was part of the repair and that side would always be slightly bigger or cause discomfort if i touch around there. I went to a physical and had no indirect hernia present. When i lay down its less prominent. if I’m standing up its more noticeable (as it always has a since day one) no pain symptoms or any symptoms other than being able to easily push it in. also no pain when lifting weights. is the plug just being pushed out or did a hernia recur?

    feel like its been like this for a couple years now but just now thinking about it.

    Varies in size throughout the day but no pain or anything unless i keep pushing around there.

    It was laparoscopic repair for the hernia during the hydrocelectomy

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