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      Does anyone know of any research on hernia prevention? Or post hernia repair exercises?, I’m worried about developing indirect inguinal hernias, I’ve read the risk is higher if you’ve had direct previously (and vice versa).

      I was planning on doing an hour a day walking and taking up weight lifting next year.

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      I think the best approach is not to do anything that puts undue pressure on your abdominals. That would include coughing heavy lifting strenght training,stretching which caused my current hernia, your posture when sleeping sitting standing sneezing. I plan on going to Dr Kang soon. Typed a much longer post on my phone with one finger and it didn’t post. Oh well.

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      I don’t know if there is a way to avoid them. I think we are born with a genetic predisposition to them. I think my primary reason for saying this is that in my “former healthy life” I knew many bodybuilders that were into lifting very, very heavy weights (like 1-2 rep max stuff). None of them I knew ever got a hernia while doing so. Some of these guys were putting 5 – 45 pound plates on both sides of a 45 pound bar – that’s close to 500 pounds.

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