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      Anyone have recommendation for a surgeon in Fort Myers Florida? Thank you

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      Jengiz—please listen to this advice…it could mean your life. dr, Tomas is in fort meyer….Dr yunis is nearby in sarasota…there are good and bad stories about both of these doctorss…some say the Desarda technique is practiced by both…is flawed…Yunis does shouldice…but is not super experienced at it. You need the best surgeon in the world…after exhaustive study i believe there to be several names….all abroad….Dr. Conze in munich —or dr Wiese in Frankfurt….or dr Kang in Korea is who i would select from…dont cut corners…see the best….pay whatever it takes….if this goes wrong your life is over…its really that simple

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        I always read passionate advice and here solidarity seems to prevail, without lies. The excellent surgeons you mentioned are definitely top notch. But – while patients with recent hernias make a mistake in having surgery without looking for a mesh – there are also those who linger too much and – while the former could have avoided the mesh – the latter are often forced to receive a mesh, even from one of the surgeons you mentioned . This is because there are standards of measurement, and the choice of surgeon is always attentive to recurrence

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      Good intentions

      What type of hernia?

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      Although I don’t agree with everything they have to say, one forum member went to Dr. Yunis for a Shouldice repair with positive result, per the thread below.

      You absolutely want to go to a high-volume specialist (which he is)…I’m just not sure what volume of THAT repair he does, which could influence a decision. I would consult with him regardless if I were in your shoes and that close by.

      13 Questions to Ask Before Inguinal Hernia Shouldice Repair

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