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      Hi @drtowfigh,

      In case you’re open to suggestions for Hernia Talk guests, I’d like to propose two please:

      1. @drkang. I’m sure many members would be very keen to listen to a discussion with you both. I recall you mentioning in a post something along the lines of the Marcy repair isn’t suitable for adult males, so to hear more about the Kang repair and for you to be able to discuss and get clarification as to how it improves on the Marcy repair to make it a suitable and robust repair for all adults would be excellent.

      2. Dr Joachim Conze:
      With his expertise as a hernia specialist in Germany offering a tailored approach, I think he’d be a great guest. Like some of the other German hernia specialists, my understanding is that Dr Conze offers a modified Shouldice without cutting the cremaster and nerves, with 4 permanent rows of Prolene sutures as his main tissue repair, as well as Desarda repairs as a secondary option.

      I also understand that he has recurrence and chronic pain rates of under 1% over 8 years plus in the German Hernia registry, but I haven’t been able to access this registry to clarify it.

      It would be great to hear more detail about all of this and De Conze has also worked with the well renowned Dr Ulrike Muschaweck.

      From the Hernia Centre Munich website:
      2013 – 2017 – Partner and Deputy Head of the Hernia Centre Munich with Dr. Ulrike Muschaweck

      2018 onwards – Head of the Hernia Centre Munich

      2002 onwards – Secretary General of the German Hernia Society

      2009 onwards – Advisory Board of the magazine ‘Hernia’

      2021 onwards – Board member of the European Hernia Society (EHS)

      Many thanks in advance,


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      William Bryant

      And, maybe, a special UK edition featuring the surgeons who perform mostly mesh but also offer, albeit to a lesser extent, non mesh repair.

      Simon Bailey

      Duncan Light

      Dr Pawlak

      Principally because little is known about their non mesh repairs, even in the UK. Admittedly this is a little selfish of me.

      As Jack has said, Dr Kang would be an excellent choice for another

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