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  • Herniamed web site – new

    Posted by Good intentions on February 25, 2021 at 9:39 am

    I’ve seen the Herniamed journal but just found that they have a web site now. Copyright 2021.

    Trying not to be too cynical but it looks a lot like the Hernia Surge effort. The same sponsors and more. A focus on mesh-based repairs, with a passing mention of the Shouldice technique. And, even better, the background looks like a piece of mesh, just like the Hernia Surge logo. People can look through it and make their own judgements. Mesh is the future, whether it’s best for the patients or not. It’s just where things are going.

    I found a Hernia Surge Facebook page also. You can’t get to their web site unless you’re a member, but they have Facebook for non-members.

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