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      This Tuesday’s HerniaTalk **LIVE** Q&A will be with Dr Jason Snibbe, orthopedic surgeon and hip specialist in Los Angeles.

      Groin pain can be caused by hernias, but also by other disorders such as those from the hip. We will discuss hip labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement, arthritis, dysplasia, iliopsoas impingement syndrome, and many other causes of groin pain from the hip. We will review symptoms and how you can help figure out whether your hip is the cause of your groin pain as opposed to a hernia.

      Register in Zoom to join in on the Q&A. https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2IqFhNQxRfWpXql_wzVQOQ

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      Great in-depth discussion with Dr. Jason Snibbe, orthopedic surgeon and hip specialist. We went through the details of how to differentiate between groin pain due to a hip disorder vs an inguinal hernia.

      You can watch the whole hour here: https://youtu.be/rj_9S6JR7ks

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      Dr Towfrigh, you and I have spoken since last year when I had the mesh implanted 08/19 and have had undiagnosed complications as this. I had all these pops and clicks resonating from my groin area after surgery

      It never got resolved. I had the mesh removed 6 weeks ago and I was fine the first 2 weeks the popping and clicking has come back. I’m very frustrated and feeling that I want to give up. My doctor says to give the tissue repair time but I’m afraid I won’t. I think the original surgery caused this inflammation which lead to this. How do I best address this with my doctor with kaiser permanent to get checked for this? Would this be indicated on auto immune marker tests. I’m looking for relief and to finally feel better and I’m not even after the shouldice procedure?

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      Happy to review your new situation via a consultation.

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