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  • How I made my three hernias go away for good

    Posted by roger555 on September 4, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    This is my personal experience. I had two double inguinal hernias and a third hernia below and to the right of my navel.
    This was about thirteen years ago. I had no bumps just some serious pain when getting up from bed
    or pulling a iheavy door open or sitting up from a chair. My doctor verified the issue hernia so by doing the coughi;g test
    and then had me some imaging. He sent me to a surgeon who confirmed othe three hernias and was ready to
    book for laparoscopic mesh surgery. I hesitated since I did not like the idea lol of having a permanent piece of plastic in me
    without knowing what the consequinces could be years later. I decided against the surgery and then it occurred to me
    that my hernias started after I had changed my sleeping position. I always slept in a fetal position and
    had then a year before all three hernias changed the way I slept by straightening the bottoms leg so that I assumed a floor abdomi
    nal stretch position
    which put some tension on my lower abdomen. I then went back to sleeping in a fetal position and then next
    morning my pain was much less and after three days my double inguinal hernias completely went away and hav never
    reoccured. M y third hernia was signicantly less painful after the first night of sleeping again I a fetal position and it
    it slowl y kept getting better until the pain totally went away in about tow months.

    I think what happened is that my sleeping position was putting tension on my lower abdominal muscles
    while sleeping in a fetal position really relaxes my entire abdomen which allowed the hernias to close on
    their own, I also noticed that when I lie on my back with knees locked I feel some tension on my abdomen.

    Whenever I cough I can feel my intestines push out but when I Ben one or both knees w hen coughing my lower abdomens

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