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      What is a right surgery (open tissue/lap with mesh) for a person with a hyperflexible joints? I am a 6′, 155lbs male (BMI 21) with a right inguinal hernia (with a midsize bulge). I feel it mostly when long sitting or standing, and it gives me a periodic discomfort/pain. Reading many posts in this forum, I am still confused as to what’s better for a slim person with a hyperflexible joints without dislocations or heart/other issues – mesh/no mesh and open/lap. Apparently, there is some collagen defect. What would hold better – Shouldice or a lap with mesh? I do not know if my hernia is direct or indirect. I do not now and do not plan in the future do heavy lifting or crazy workouts. I do not have any significant comorbidities (beginning stage arthritis), though many years ago had a bilateral varicocelectomy. Thank you for your thoughts.

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