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      Good intentions

      Here’s a recent article about transvaginal mesh. The same things have been said about hernia repair mesh. Actually these same things have been said about all meshes for the last 10-15 years. They talk also about other problems with medical care for women. The core of the problem is the same though – medicine as business instead of care.


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      This is a movie we have seen many times I think, like when some “research” pretended to show that smoking does not harm your health. I personally think that the only way out of this is imposing criminal charges on those who actively hide the truth or mislead the public/patients: money we have seen it to be NOT a sufficient deterrent; on the other hand putting behind bars the CEO of the company and all those found responsible for actively lying on the effects of one of their products, would probably make them think twice. Better still as a prevention mechanism, if the general public had control of how their money is invested, and deliberately avoided those companies guilty of harming people’s health (or those who do not do enough to avoid that), well eventually the message would get to the boards of those companies and very quickly down to each and every employee.

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