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      Attention Patients!

      We want to learn from you:

      How was your experience with your implant?

      Fill out this survey now:

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      Good intentions

      Hello Dr. Towfigh. I started your survey and it kind of reminded me of a sociology class I took years ago where we had to develop our own survey as a project.

      I notice what could be a flaw that confounds or negates some results. If a person answers “No” to question #5 – “Did you have a reaction to the implant?” then they should not be able to answer any more questions. Because they did not have a “reaction” to describe. On the SurveryMonkey site the patient is allowed to continue to answer questions even after selecting No.

      Also, as I noted in a topic I created, why is there no category of pain or discomfort as a “reaction” symptom. It makes the whole survey seem odd, like one where a company could say “no patients reported chronic pain or discomfort”. Because there was no way to report it. Chronic pain has been identified as the number one problem confronting hernia surgeons and patients. How can it be excluded from a survey about implant experiences?

      Could you give more detail about the purpose of the survey?

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      Good point. Let me re eval the set up.

      The purpose is to only tease out those who have a systemic reaction to mesh, aka Mesh Implant Illness or ASIA. Pain is typically not a dominant complaint for reactions. And we are not looking at confounding the survey with people who have mesh related pain or other complications.

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      good morning Doctor Towfigh …due to my limitations in understanding spoken English I am not always able to follow your interesting debates with other specialists. . However, so far I have managed to interact with the always interesting forum. . Thanks for providing the information to everyone. I ask a perhaps premature question: are there already results regarding adverse reactions even with absorbable mesh, which surgeons recommend using on the forum? So far it seems that the surgeons recommended on the Forum only use resorbable mesh and have had only success (with the rare exception of Baris who however ran into a series of adversities, including the excessive weight with which he showed up for his first surgery). And, before knowing the results of your survey, and therefore of your patients, can you reveal which network you use? The other topics (laparoscopic or open surgery, cremasteric nerves, etc.) seem much debated on the forum and can be found, but the results of the use of absorbable mesh and their quality are a little less available..

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