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  • Incisional hernia repair concern

    Posted by Julieamb on February 19, 2018 at 1:53 am

    I had an open incisional hernia repair with a 3×6 six piece of mesh placed vertical (down into my groin). I was coming along fine but over the last week and a half I am having twisting, stabbing pain that starts right below the scar and goes into my groin. The scar has also become red and it was healing good before, but very red over the scar and below it now. I am concerned as the pain is an 8/10. I have had many other surgeries and have done pretty well but this is killing me. I am a very small female only 98 pounds 5’1inch and am concerned about this big piece of mesh. Please advise and I do plan on calling my doctor but would love to hear some advice! Thanks!

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