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      There are some interesting studies regarding collagen supplementation and the beneficial effects it has on the body. I have a few links here from pubmed. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
      Given the evidence, I wonder if collagen supplementation can help in regards to a hernia. Post-op recovery, recurrence rate, even hernia prevention? I’m interested to hear your thoughts. I know there can be a certain type of collagen those with hernia’s are lacking, maybe this could help a deficiency. At the very least, we’ll look younger 🙂

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      Neat link here regarding post-op recovery. Link

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      Hi Anonymous. I had a pure tissue (no mesh) hernia repair by the esteemed and talented Dr. William Brown (now retired) about three years ago. He commented directly after surgery that everything went well and that I had excellent tissue quality. I’ve had no problems with the repair and function very well once again thanks to the good doctor. I’m nearly 70 years old now and I’ve been an exercise and nutrition adherent for years. I ate right, supplemented with bone broth and occasionally gelatin for the supposed collagen benefits. I also went from a high of 233 lbs. to 136 lbs. on the day of surgery so Dr. Brown would be able to work on a “low body fat” patient to see the nerves better, etc. I don’t know if collagen supplementation is a panacea or not but I do believe the patient is as responsible as the doctor in the outcome when it comes to giving the doctor something to work with. Too many people (myself included in the past) plop themselves down in front of a healthcare professional and say “fix me”. In my experience that isn’t the optimal approach.

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