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      Good intentions

      I found a recent paper about the “Guidelines”, published April 2020, and it made me wonder how the “consensus” opinion of doctors and surgeons who had only been trained in the Guidelines could have real value. What else are they going to say? It’s all that they know.

      The opinions of many people with no evidence of fact-based data behind their opinions. Many had low numbers of repairs behind them, less than 25 per year. And, of course, there is no way to know the long-term results of their work. That has been well-established, hence the call for registries. So, basically these are the opinions of many surgeons who don’t really know the results of their work.

      They were all sent links to a copy of the Guidelines before the meetings where they answered the questions. Like a primer.

      It’s worth looking through just to see how much work went in to it. But at the end, it’s hard to see that it shows more than the fact that many many surgeons have been trained to follow the Guidelines. It’s like a test to show that you read the text.

      The work was done “on behalf of the HerniaSurge group”, which seems to exist in name only. Very odd. Who is actually behind these efforts?

      “Consensus on international guidelines for management of groin hernias
      Nadine van Veenendaal, Maarten Simons, William Hope, Sathien Tumtavitikul, Jaap Bonjer on behalf of the HerniaSurge Group”

      Excerpt –

      “Before the start of each congress, society members were e-mailed with the announcement of the plenary consensus conference. Additionally, a concept of the international guideline on groin hernia management was published online to provide background information prior to the consensus conferences.”

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      Good intentions

      I posted the wrong link above and can’t edit. Here’s the right one.

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