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      Good intentions

      Here is a paper I just came across that seems to show how “it’s not the mesh” is just part of the thought process of many hernia repair surgeons, even in Japan. It seems to be “International”.

      A man had a hernia repair with mesh and had chronic pain. The surgeons found that the mesh and scar tissue had trapped the ilioinguinal nerve in a “meshoma”. So, they decided to implant more mesh, of the same general type, but in a different location, and remove the mesh that had already been implanted. Kind of a mesh replacement procedure. Try more, in a different way. Instead of accepting that the mesh itself had caused the problem, they, apparently, decided that it was the way the mesh was used that was the problem. Or something.

      The patient had already had two mesh implantations, one on top of the other, the Ultrapro Hernia Repair system followed by a plug. Those were removed and he ended up with a larger piece of mesh of the same type that has shown the same problems as the other two. It was even the same brand as the first failed repair, Ultrapro.

      It’s incredible to read. They just keep trying to make mesh work. The man was 74 years old at the time of the procedure in November 2019 and had been suffering with mesh pain for over four years. In the discussion at the end of the article the surgeons show their extensive knowledge of the chronic pain problem. And still they implanted more mesh. It’s hard to comprehend.

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      Good intentions

      Here is the link. I had problems posting earlier so I broke up the post.


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