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      Can anyone describe the similarities and differences between the Kang repair and Muschaweck minimal repair? Thanks.

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      I will let others comment on the medical aspects, but one main difference is that as far as I know the Kang repair is only performed in Korea at the hospital where it was developed, while the Muschaweck one is performed by several other surgeons, both in Germany and in the Uk.

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      I am interested in any feedback on this as well…I thought muschawek was out of the repair business…And i continue to look for the best tissue surgeon in the world.

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      My understanding is that the Muschaweck minimal repair is primarily for “sports hernias” where weakness in the posterior wall causes pain, but there isn’t necessarily an actual hernia, or the hernia is small. I believe the genital nerve branch is typically cut in this procedure because it’s supposed to play a role in the pain in these particular cases.

      The Kang method for direct hernias is for actual direct hernias, and not limited to small hernias. The genital nerve branch is not normally cut.

      Both techniques are simplified Shouldice/Bassini of a more limited scope than the original. Not sure about all the differences.

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      Do not go to Muschawek or get the Muschawek repair. Her procedure sounds wonderful on paper but it makes absolutely no sense. She cuts a nerve as part of her procedure for absolutely no valid reason – you will have permanent issues from someone cutting your nerve. She also creates a flap out of the internal oblique if I am not mistaken – again this is a terrible idea you will have permanent core issues and weakness from this alone. She claims to do surgery on all these football players yet all her “regular people” patients have issues and she eventually just ignores them and claims everything went right.

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