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  • Kang’s Repair Review for 1.5 year.

    Posted by texan on January 20, 2021 at 9:04 pm

    Summary for Kangs repair

    – Got hernia from work and jiu- jitsu (Marshall arts)

    – Received a hernia operation 4 weeks ago. (6/27/2019)

    – I was hospitalized for the night after surgery and discharged the next morning

    – Severe pain disappeared a lot on the third day

    – Since then the pain has disappeared. I had lived my days without heavy work

    – Four weeks now, there’s no discomfort. I’m going to play jiu-jitsu from today. (7/23/2019)

    – I have played jiu-jitsu 5 times lightly.. so far so good. (7/29/2019)

    – I have been working at a warehouse and do jiu-jitsu 2 times a week.. so far so good (10/16/2019)

    – I have been doing good without any problem after the surgery. I don’t have any limit with my physical activities including heavy weight lifting.

    It has been 10 month after Kang’s repair.

    Now, I still don’t have any problem with my work and exercise.
    It will be my last review. If I have any problem, I will let you know guys. Good luck everyone!!

    About Kangs repair:

    * Kangs repair is Dr. Kang’s own style of surgery.

    * His surgery has no-mesh, no-tension (The recurrence percentage is bellow 0.5%)

    * The cost is around 3,000 US dollar. ( I am not sure. Better to ask)

    * Dr. Kang uses local anesthetic, he performed this surgery on a 103 year old man successfully.

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