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  • Klebsiella pneumoniae found in abdominal abcess mesh removal!!

    Posted by Astewart on March 16, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Hi my name is Amanda Stewart, my husband had a hernia repair in 2008 in 2016 he had a hydrocele testical that the dr said was caused by the mesh we caped that drainage off and now are having abscesses form in his abdominal cavity containing the bacteria klebsiella pneumoniae his current surgeon has not found a cause I honestly believe it’s the mesh causing them. Any information on this would be so helpful and appreciated! We are from texas any advice on specialist in our area would be great!! Thank you

    Chaunce1234 replied 6 years, 3 months ago 3 Members · 3 Replies
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  • Chaunce1234

    March 22, 2018 at 1:36 am

    I would second “Good Intentions” recommendation and reach out directly to a skilled hernia expert that has experience in these type of situations and re-do surgeries.

    Here are two well-known experts in the USA, though neither are in Texas they may be able to redirect you to someone who is:

    – Dr Shirin Towfigh in Los Angeles (310) 358-5020

    – Dr Bruce Ramshaw in Tennessee 865-305-9230

    Good luck and keep us updated on your husbands case.

  • Good intentions

    March 16, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Hello Amanda. I would contact Dr. Towfigh directly by sending her a message. She has experience in working with infected mesh, and has published in the past.

    Click her name in the sticky at the top of the main page.

    Can you give more detail about the operation. Type/brand or mesh, type of hernia, etc?

    Also, the Carolina group works on infected mesh problems.

  • Good intentions

    March 16, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Hello Amanda. Good idea to start a new thread. I have seen past work by Dr. Towfigh dealing with “infected fields” and another type of mesh, biologic mesh. She might have a more direct interest in your husband’s problem, since she has experience with it. You could send her a message using the forum’s messaging function.

    Click her name on the sticky at the top of the main page of the forum. You can also contact her work place, there’s a link on the Surgeons page. Or use the links I copied below.

    Can you give more details about the operation and the types of mesh? It’s unclear if all meshes cause problems or if specific weave patterns and materials cause problems. There might be a clue in the details. It’s possible that the place that did the original repair in 2008 still has his records, although many institutions purge their files after a relatively short time. It would be worthwhile to contact them and see.

    Here are links to the ways to contact Dr Towfigh –

    The Carolinas group also seems to do a lot of work with infected mesh problems.

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