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  • Life ruined after Inguinal neurectomy

    Posted by idontknowfailed on March 13, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    i read stories about it in your site as a similar thing happened to me in France .
    I had genital femoral pain after a groin surgery (shouldice), it started one month after the surgery during a masturbation , i felt like an electric knife ripped apart my right area of my groin . Because of this pain the surgeon did an other surgery 6 months later and it was the worst mistake of my life . After the second surgery i felt quickly tingling and burning in both of my legs and my foot and the previous pain was even worse , even in my back there is this burning feeling and all my body is warm as hell . Its like im burning from inside . I dont know what happened , the surgeon told me he only cut a sensitive illio inguinal nerve , but what i dont understand is why it causes both of my legs to burn and not only the right leg since the second surgery was only on the right side . I heard about neuro stimulation but i feel desperate as this point since i feel every other surgery will cause more damage . i read the story of someone who had a similar case in this site , they talk about central sensitization , when i walk or put my feets on the ground there is this weird electrical feeling .

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  • idontknowfailed

    March 22, 2018 at 4:12 am

    Thanks for your answers , well im under tramadol 200 mg since several months , it has many side effects such as abdominal pain , nausea , blisters on lips .
    I bought a Tens but i dont see a big change since the pain and the burning are not in a single area as before the second surgery . And for other activites i cant because the side effects and the burning pain are killing me after the second surgery it is not the same anymore ,i cant even stand the change of temperature . I really feel i have the burning nerve pain on the nerve itself and but also in the back in the spinal cord , im waiting to see a pain center since it can take more than 5 Months to have an appointment in France . i also read about neurography irm in the Uk or US , a special irm to see this little nerves .
    I didnt know it was possible in 2018 to suffer like this and to destroy somebody’s life for money in a surgery . Also do you know if they will find a real cure for this ? 10 years ? 20 ? 30 ? 40 ? 100 ? , im only 25 and not willing to suffer like this for more years especially if i have to live like this for more than 10 years .

  • Chaunce1234

    March 22, 2018 at 1:23 am

    I am sorry you’re going through this.

    How long ago was the original surgery and the second surgery? Presumably you have been checked for recurrence and that was ruled out? Have you found anything in particular that helps to reduce the pain?

    Nerves are strange and can send erroneous signals or can refer pain to elsewhere even if they are unrelated to a location of injury or damage, or even if the nerve no longer exists. Two classic examples of this are a heart attack patient might feel pain down their arm, or sometimes people missing a limb may feel phantom limb pain.

    You may want to work directly with a pain clinic if possible, they can be helpful. Perhaps speak with a doctor to see if any of these alternative therapies are applicable to trying in your scenario:

    – TENS unit, it’s a little electrical stimulator you can buy and use yourself at home, for some people this can ‘interrupt’ the pain signal or quiet it down, or offer a distraction

    – gabapentin can be helpful for some people

    – Ketamine infusion therapy

    – Medical marijuana

    – Targeted physical therapy regimen and exercise

    – Once daily Alpha-Lipoic Acid may reduce nerve pain over time

    – Longterm once daily Vitamin C 500mg tablets may reduce nerve pain over time

    – Opioid medication can be effective, but has consequential side effects and should be considered a ‘last resort’

    If at all possible, try to engage in as many activities you can that strain your brain in new ways and by doing new things. Anything that is mentally challenging or involves learning something new. Things like learning a new foreign language, participating in art, learning a musical instrument, learning how to program computers, puzzles, sudoku, complex math, memorizing poetry, going new places and paying as much attention as possible to surroundings, etc. I realize this sounds a little strange but the basic idea is to try and cause new neuroplasticity to occur by utilizing your brain so that it recruits neurons for learning and memorizing the new tasks.

    Best of luck and keep us updated on your case and progress.

  • Momof4

    March 13, 2018 at 7:01 pm

    I am sad to hear of your pain! I am having nerve pain in my right thigh, after mesh removal, and I can’t imagine it being in both legs and other areas. It feels like my leg is on fire, like yours, and it is a pain that you can’t ignore. There are some conservative treatments that hopefully you can try before another surgery. You need to find a pain management doctor that specializes in nerve treatments. They can try injections and at least identify the source of pain. Also, they can be therapeutic for some. I am also going to PT to help reduce scar tissue and swelling, which may be contributing to the nerve problem. If you do go the nerve stimulator route, I know there is a trial period before you would undergo surgery for implantation. Please keep searching for conservative treatments! There may be help for your suffering. I know it’s hard to live with this type of pain and I hope and pray every day that this is not permanent! I am still searching for resolution and have doctors willing to help. You need to try to find the same. Best wishes and let us know what you find out.

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