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      I’m booked in for open inguinal hernia repair on the 8th of September with local anesthesia and optional sedation (midazolam). I’ve searched far and wide for people’s experiences without sedation or with some level of IV sedation but it’s a real blank spot. I’ve seen maybe two people’s descriptions of IV sedation where they’re knocked out but nothing detailed and I’m particularly interested in those that were more awake. I’ve had a very minor surgery under LA before but too much so for me to really know what I’m in for before the day though I will say when they injected the LA it was excruciating but otherwise painless. If I may could I ask if anyone has experience with this what it was like for you? I know Dr Towfigh does some surgeries under LA and with/without sedation but the QA session on anesthesia didn’t touch on the patient’s experience of it or what can be expected.

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